Monday, 2 April 2012

GRPN - aka....JUNK

As suspected, this is nothing but trouble. Now the GRPN has 'accounting issues'. thats a great sign.

Even analysts on the various financial clown channels were today suggesting outright that GRPN is headed for 0.

GRPN, daily

A move below $15 will open the door to 0. Now, I certainly don't expect this company to implode in the near term, but price wise, a move into the 14s this week, will probably guarentee single digits sometime this month.

I am meddling in this nonsense - not even on the short side, GRPN is merely there for entertainment purposes.

*makes me wonder just how the Facebook will fare. It would be hilarious to see that much-touted 100bn valuation proceeds down to around...$5bn. Whether it takes a year, or a decade, I don't care, the facebook ain't worth 100bn.