Thursday, 10 September 2015

AAPL - rebounding from a minor washout

Apple (AAPL) saw a rather stark post conf' announcement sell off which continued into early Wednesday trading, but then the buyers piled in from the early low of $109.90, with AAPL settling +2.2% @ $112.59. Near term outlook is for further upside to the 115/117 zone... before the 90s in Oct'

AAPL' 60min

AAPL' daily


Having traded AAPL four times in the past few weeks, I am leaving it alone until after the FOMC.

From there onward... target will be a return to sub $100... perhaps the $90 threshold by mid Oct'.. with sp'1820/1700 zone.

Long term.. AAPL remains mis-priced relative the main market... hyper target into late 2017 would be $250... min.