Monday, 15 August 2016

TWTR - maniacs chasing twitter

Whilst the headline US equity indexes broke new historic highs, there was far more notable upside in Twitter (TWTR), which settled +6.8% @ $20.86, the best level since early January. Near/mid term outlook is bullish, with the soft psy' level of $25 seemingly a given before year end.

TWTR, daily


Fundamentally Twitter is still facing underlying problems, not least that user growth is just not great.

From a pure price/technical perspective though, there is a clear breakout underway, as the 200dma is now being held above for the first time since April 2015 - at the time of the 'early' Q1 earnings release.

Clearly, the biggest unknown is whether someone will just buyout TWTR.

Keeping in mind that the IPO - Nov'2013, price was $26... a buyer is now likely going to need to offer at least $40/45.

*no position, for a thousand reasons.