Monday, 20 March 2017

AMD - powering upward

Whilst the main equity market saw a day of moderate chop, there was very powerful strength in Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), which settled +7.0% at $14.43. Broader price action remains very bullish, and the 25/30 zone appears a very realistic target by year end.

AMD, daily

AMD, monthly


Mainstream chatter about the next product line of Ryzen chips is really starting to capture attention.

I am something of a tech head (my desktop PC is a self-build), and I regular browse a fair few tech sites. Many of them are now rife with attention on AMD and its Ryzen product line.

For example:,review-33823.html

A potential bidder?

Even after having ramped from $1.75 in Jan'2016 to the $14s, AMD's market cap' is still pretty low at $14bn.

I'm increasingly suspicious we might see a bidder appear.

Here is a thought... AAPL to buy AMD.

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