Thursday, 23 January 2014

EBAY, NFLX - contrasting post earnings reactions

Whilst the main market saw some borderline significant declines, Ebay (EBAY) and Netflix (NFLX) saw some interesting trading, having both posted results late Wednesday. EBAY settled +1.1% , whilst NFLX closed with extremely large gains of +16.4% @ $388

EBAY, daily

NFLX, daily


*I generally don't follow/chart EBAY lately, is indeed a blank chart.

A jump to the upper bollinger band

In both cases, you can see how the upper bollinger band is natural first resistance. NFLX still closed with very strong gains, but the daily candle for EBAY sure isn't too inspiring - a black candle.

Of the two, I much prefer EBAY, not least on the basis of valuation.

Further, as I've often said, EBAY is arguably recession proof. When times are tough, people end up selling things..and more often than not...the place they go to market their unwanted items is EBAY. Even better..they will often also use paypal to process the payment.