Monday, 10 March 2014

PLUG - market fuelled hysteria

A quiet start to the week in the main market, but Plug Power (PLUG) saw further extreme gains, settling higher by 24.3% @ $10 28 (intraday peak: $11.41). Near term trend remains extraordinarily bullish, but is entirely unsustainable for much longer.

PLUG, daily (arithmetic scale)


*I've selected an arithmetic scale, rather than log', since I really wanted to highlight just how crazy powerful the ramp in PLUG has been.

PLUG remains a loss making company. There remains lots of talk about a possible link with Tesla (TSLA), but still..a loss a loss maker - although yes, that has never been a problem for hysteria stocks like AMZN or TWTR,

see key stats @ yahoo finance

PLUG is getting a lot of media attention, and has recently been getting a fair bit of coverage on clown finance TV. The herd are literally stampeding into PLUG. At some point...probably just a few days, the herd are going to try to exit/cash out, and many are going to get crushed near the exit door.

It will be...entertaining to watch.

*Next earnings are due this Thursday, March'13.