Tuesday, 22 April 2014

NFLX - jumping on reasonable earnings

With Q1 earnings coming in 'reasonable', Netflix (NFLX) jumped in Monday AH, and held most of those gains across Tuesday, settling +7.1% @ $373 (intraday peak $380). Near term outlook is bullish, although a break above the early March high looks extremely unlikely until early 2015.

NFLX, daily


*the daily candle, a black one, is somewhat bearish - not least since it is at natural resistance. Yet, considering the broader market, I'd see a daily close in the 380/390s within a matter of days.

NFLX is becoming something of a second tier consumer utility in the USA, and by that I mean, as something that is almost considered a basic necessity by many US/western consumers.

I see a media that has got overly fixated on what was the announcement of a minor price rise. Frankly, I think NFLX could almost double subscription prices across the next 2-3 years, and 80% of its customer base would stay.

*as ever, I have ZERO interest in trading any of the hysteria/momo stocks, of which NFLX is one of the top 5.