Wednesday, 23 July 2014

AAPL - good earnings, headed into the $100s

With unquestionably good earnings, Apple (AAPL) managed sig' gains, settling +2.6% @ $97.20. The stock is up a powerful 30% since mid April, and looks headed for the big psy' level of $100. At the current rate, AAPL will be in the 110/115 zone by late Oct.

AAPL, daily

AAPL, monthly


Without question, AAPL earnings were fine, and even Mr Market decided that was the case across Wednesday trading.

As many recognise, once a stock hits $90, it almost always keeps on pushing higher to the $100 threshold...and somewhat over.

Relative to the main market... AAPL is still 'cheap', and if sp'2100s later this year, then AAPL should be comfortably holding above $100..if not somewhat higher in the $110s.