Thursday, 20 November 2014

INTC - back to September 2000

With moderate price chop in the broader market, Intel (INTC) was a standout, settling higher by a very significant 4.6% @ $35.94. This is the highest daily close since Sept'2000. Outlook is bullish, with a very valid upside target of the $50s by summer 2015.

INTC, daily

INTC, 20yr, monthly


*it is notable that whilst the core of the tech market blew up in March'2000, some stocks still managed new highs later that year, with INTC being one of them.

Intel remains one of my top tech stocks, and I certainly have more respect for it than AAPL or the GOOG.

The $50s in the current multi-year rally... really?

Considering the broader trend, I've now little doubt INTC will just keep on battling higher for another 6-9mths.. perhaps even a year or two beyond that. With a superb product line, INTC has a secure long term future.