Wednesday, 29 April 2015

TWTR - post earnings collapse

Whilst the broader market closed only moderately lower, there was notable continued powerful weakness in Twitter (TWTR), which settled lower by -8.9% @ $38.49. Next support is the Dec' low of $34.62, along with price cluster support across the 36/35 zone.

TWTR, daily


*notable huge sell side volume, as the stock remains in effective collapse mode.

Without going over the crazy events in the closing hour of Tuesday afternoon, the market seems more upset with the early leak/release of earnings.. than the actual earnings themselves.

From a pure price perspective, there really isn't any support until the 36/34 price cluster zone.. where the Dec' low is lurking.

Best guess... TWTR will floor in the 36/34 zone... and remain choppy for much of May. The big $50 threshold now looks an extremely long way up... and looks out of range until at least next earnings in mid July.

*as things are, I have ZERO interest in getting involved until a new floor is secured... and that will likely take some weeks.