Thursday, 3 September 2015

AAPL - swings lower, but headed higher

It was a mixed day for AAPL, with an opening high of $113.10, but then cooling into the afternoon to $110.04. Renewed upside looks due.. at least to the 114/115s next week... probably to be helped with a looming product announcement.

AAPL, 15min

AAPL, daily


*I exited AAPL-long at the open from $112.50

re-long AAPL in the afternoon from $110.16... will hold overnight.. seeking next exit in the 112/113s.. before the Friday close.

Suffice to add, a sig' net daily decline, but broadly, AAPL should resume higher tomorrow.. and across next week.

As many recognise, relative to the main market, AAPL remains under-valued.