Monday, 9 November 2015

TSLA - stalling at the 200dma

Having jumped higher on another set of lousy earnings to the $230s, TSLA has become decisively stuck and is starting to break lower, with a net Monday decline of -3.1% @ $225.12. Near term outlook is for a retrace at least to the 215/210 zone. There is threat of broader downside to the 200/190 zone.

TSLA, daily


*as things are, TSLA will see a death cross this Thurs/Friday... and that sure won't inspire the algo-bots to be 'buy the dip'.

Little to add.

I remain a fan of the company.. an unquestionably good product, but its a loss maker. Every sale results in ever higher losses to the company, and there is no sign of that changing for some years.

As a momentum/hysteria stock, I stay well clear of TSLA... have never traded it. However, it can be useful as an indirect guide to part of the market.