Monday, 4 April 2016

F - a real mess since summer 2014

Whilst the main market settled moderately lower, there was notable weakness in Ford Motors (F), which closed significantly lower, -2.3% @ $12.80. With a consistent failure to break/hold the $14s, Ford looks highly vulnerable to the $10-8 zone.. not least if sp'1600s later this year.

Ford, daily

Ford, monthly


Suffice to add, I like the company, great products, but from a pure chart/price perspective, price action since summer 2014 has been a real mess.

Ford has been utterly unable to attain a monthly close >$17 since 2001.

Considering the serious threat of another main market rollover, the $10 threshold does not look an overly bearish target at some point this summer/autumn.

The bigger monthly cycle is offering core support around $8.. and that is a full third lower.