Thursday, 12 January 2017

DIS - downgraded by pivotal

With the US market seeing rather significant falls in early morning, Disney (DIS) was always going to be under pressure, Yet the downgrade from Wieser of Pivotal Research, really was the nail in the coffin, with DIS hitting $107.43, and settling -1.7% @ $107.53.

DIS, daily

Wieser, CNBC call


Nothing has changed since yesterday....

... other than a rogue research/analyst who has decided to downgrade DIS from $102 to 85. Frankly.. such a downside target is beyond ludicrous.

DIS earnings last November were unquestionably superb. There is absolutely ZERO reason why next earnings - due in early Feb' will be anything other than 'superb'.

The bigger monthly chart continues to be highly suggestive of at least $115 by early Feb'... with an eventual move to new historic highs (>119.51) certainly no later than the early summer.

yours... more determined than Vader.