Wednesday, 1 February 2017

AAPL - strength with good earnings

Q4 earnings for Apple (AAPL) were unquestionally good, and the stock has justifiably powered upward, settling +6.3% @ $129.00, the best level in almost two years. There will clearly be some resistance around the 130/131 zone, but new historic highs look due, with $150 a realistic target by year end..

AAPL , daily

AAPL, monthly


It has been rather amusing to see how twitchy the mainstream have been about AAPL lately. What exactly are they worried about? Is $35/40bn a quarter in earnings not enough? Is a PE of around 10 too pricey, relative to the main market of 18/20 ?

These are crazy times, and its bizarre to see how many have lost almost all perspective of what is 'fair value'

In terms of price - short term, the stock is clearly on the high side. On the giant monthly cycle, we're now a little beyond the upper bollinger, and a straight run to new highs won't be easy.

Regardless of any near term chop/retrace, AAPL looks set to break new historic highs, and to keep on pushing across the year. Frankly, the psy' level of $150 is a valid target as early as the summer.

yours... never bought an AAPL product