Wednesday, 8 February 2017

DIS - minor quakes in Disneyland

There was rather dynamic action in Disney (DIS), after Q4 earnings were rather mixed. From a Tue' AH flash-print low of $105.50, DIS gained in early morning to a high of $111.42, and settling u/c @ $109.00. Near term outlook offers cyclical upside to around $115.

DIS, daily

DIS, monthly


Earnings: EPS $1.55 adj'.. whilst revenue missed by almost half a billion.

There is still mainstream concern about ESPN, but that is just one component of what is a giant multi-national entertainment business. Disney owns the largest two movie franchises of Marvel and Star Wars. Those two gems alone would merit being part of the infinity gauntlet.

Seen on the bigger monthly chart, upper bollinger continues to offer the $115s before getting stuck in late Feb/early March.

Broadly... if sp'2500/600s later this year, DIS should be at least in the $130s.

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