Tuesday, 11 April 2017

ABX - miners climbing with gold

Whilst equities saw some distinct morning weakness, there was significant strength in the precious metals, with the related mining stocks following. Barrick Gold (ABX) settled higher by a significant 3.2% to $20.10. Near/mid term outlook remains bullish.

ABX, daily

ABX, monthly


Suffice to add, Barrick Gold is leading the way higher. Its currently net higher for a fifth consecutive month, which is the best run since 2002 !

Mid term trend from the Sept'2015 low of $5.86 is comfortably intact. A break above the summer 2016 highs is on the menu.

For those with a serious interest in the mining stocks, I have a report for you...

see: http://permabeardoomster.blogspot.com/p/research-reports.html