Thursday, 27 April 2017

F - better than expected

Q1 earnings from Ford Motor (F), were significantly better than market consensus. The stock was higher by around 2% in pre-market, but there was a rather bizarre swing lower, settling -1.1% at $11.47. Near term outlook remains shaky. Things only turn decisisively bullish with a break above multi-year declining trend, which in May will be around $12.50

F, daily

F, monthly


First, see:

The most insane valuation?

Adjusted EPS was 39 cents.

If you x4: 156 cents, divide by the current stock price of $11.47  PE: 7.35.

On any basis... that is a ludicrous valuation.

Yet just today, Fichthorn on CNBC....

I acknowledge he made some valid 'what if' arguments in terms of consumer lending/debt. For now though, its a future threat.

I am mid term bullish Ford, and am seeking a break above declining trend/resistance that stretches back to July 2014 when the stock was trading at $15.56.

**special note, stockcharts periodically adjusts prior prices, as a result of dividends, which in the case of Ford, are very substantial.