Tuesday, 9 January 2018

GILD - big money call buying

Whilst the main market continued to battle upward, there was powerful strength within Gilead Sciences (GILD) which settled +5.0% at $78.10. There is a clear bullish breakout, and the door is open to first big target of $90. With an FPE in the 10s, yours truly is m/t bullish to $100/10 before year end.

GILD daily

GILD monthly


Gilead Sciences saw a decisive bullish breakout, pushing straight through resistance in the $76s. Seen on the bigger monthly chart, the January candle is giving major support to the notion of the key higher low of $69.57 seen last November. Soft target has to be around $90.

Interestingly today, there was notable call buying in the May $90 calls...

Pete Najarian of investitute.com highlighting unusual activity

Today's 'big money' call buying is a good sign, and gives extra confidence that my original outlook is soundly based.

This afternoon, Gilead caught further mainstream attention, via the JPM health conference...

With an FPE in the 10s, the stock is unquestionably superb value, and could easily see $90 by late Feb/March.

yours... no fan of health/bio stocks, but GILD is 'fine'.