Site FAQs

Q. What is Fair Value Stocks about?

These pages are usually just covering a given stock/ETF that has caught my eye during any given trading day.

I tend to regularly highlight...
GDX – an ETF for the large gold miners
TVIX, UVXY – 2x leveraged VIX instruments
Dow stocks

Q. Who is the Permabear Doomster?

Just another trader out there in the western world, who lives in an overground Bunker in London, UK.

Q. Why do you highlight a particular stock/ETF?

I try to select mostly mainstream (Dow 30, SP'500) stocks that have good trading liquidity, and have a long history of profitability.

However, I like to occasionally highlight the junk stocks out there, as a reminder of what the bull maniacs are still buying in the slim hope they'll one day 'make it big'.

Page last updated - 23/5/2016