Terms of Service/Privacy

Terms of Service/Privacy

-By visiting this blog/site, you are proclaiming you have the capacity to think for yourself.
-You will consider all postings/visitor comments as opinion/information, and not as investment/trading advice
-I do not wish to hear any complaints if any of my predictions/scenarios fail to occur. Outlooks change, and are regularly updated!
-If you leave a comment, you will be 'polite', there shall be no nasty talk here.. or Mr Ban Hammer will be used via Disqus/Google.
-You are welcome to post links to other sites if they are relevant, but merely posting a link without any text related to the original posting is just plain spamming. I don't much like that.

-Rules on using material from this site, on other sites:
If you cut/paste ANY postings (partial/full), comment, chart, or other image, you MUST credit this site and/or appropriate poster, with a direct HTML link to the original source from THIS site.

Privacy Policy

-By visiting this page/site you are agreeing to have a cookie (or more) added to your browser.
-No personally-identifiable information is collected by or linked to any of the cookies delivered on this site.
-If you really don't like the idea of cookies, then you should already be using a cookie and/or ad' blocker. If you don't know how to implement such measures*, I strongly suggest you press start , select 'shut down', and disconnect your computer from the wall. Then do some research, and decide what you then want to do.
*To learn more about how to manage cookies, visit http://www.allaboutcookies.org/.

RE: Privacy Policy

This policy will probably change over time, all visitors are suggested to review it periodically!

Page last updated – 23/5/2016