Friday, 2 August 2013

BIDU - still battling higher

With the main market still broadly climbing, its not surprising to see Baidu (BIDU) climb, but the continuing speed is extremely powerful. BIDU closed the week +3.6% @ $139. Near term trend is unquestionably bullish, the next key level is the spring 2012 high in the $150s.

BIDU, daily


Suffice to say, a great company, with one of the best profit margins out there...

see stats @ yahoo! finance...

If the main market generally 'soars into spring 2014' - with the sp>1900, then BIDU is headed for the proverbial moon.

New historic highs seem likely, and with a net profit margin of 40%, it would seem BIDU looks set for the 250/300 level by next spring.*

That may seem an incredibly bold target, but relative to everything else out there, it looks grossly under-valued.