Tuesday, 4 February 2014

UGAZ - another surge to the upside

With Natural gas prices surging by 8%, the 3x bullish Nat' gas ETN of DGAZ climbed a huge 21.5% higher, settling @ 36.59. Near term trend is strongly to the upside - if subject to brief sporadic sharp pull backs of 15/25%.

UGAZ, daily


*first, an update Natural Gas prices

3yr, weekly


As for DGAZ, trading volume continues to remain huge, and looks set to just keep on increasing into the early spring. As with all 2x...and especially 3x leveraged instruments, holding across multiple weeks - never mind months, usually ends badly.

The multi-month gain in DGAZ - despite significant periodic drops, is a rare case of a leveraged instrument climbing across 3-4 months.