Tuesday, 9 May 2017

UAL - do they show Jeopardy inflight?

Whilst the main market saw a day of minor chop, there was notable strength in United Continental (UAL) which settled +4.8% at $78.55. This was a massively bullish technical breakout to new historic highs, and offers much higher levels into 2018.

UAL, daily


The company/stock is clearly still massively tainted after the recent 'incident', which was politely settled out of a court room.

Today's push upward was a massively important bullish breakout, with the 76/75s now first short term support. Arguably, the mid term outlook is bullish unless a break <70.

It can be expected that mainstream chatter of '$100' will soon begin, and some will understandably be surprised considering the very negative publicity.

Meanwhile... the CEO for Qantas...

... which leads to...

Does UAL or any airline have Jeopardy as inflight entertainment, especially in late afternoon?

yours... prefers... trains.