Friday 25 September 2020

CRSR - finally listed

Corsair Gaming (CRSR) had its IPO on Wednesday, initial price action has been turbulent, pressured by a rather unstable main market. The stock settled Friday +10.7% to $17.25, 25 cents above the issue price.

CRSR, daily


Yours truly battles to keep up to date with as much as possible, but Corsair's IPO was one that slipped right past me.

It wasn't until Thursday in AH, that I saw someone post about Corsair's IPO, - via (of all places) the infamous 'Wallstreetbets' of Reddit,

Corsair is a name I've been wondering for some years, whether it would ever get around to becoming listed... and its finally happened!

Yours truly has something of a history with Corsair, as I have been building my own desktop systems since 2000.

In fact, among many other pieces, I've a quintet of products from none other than Corsair...

So, you could say I'm something of a Corsair fan (no pun intended).

What about the company?

Key PDF/ SEC filing...

Corporate site:


As for the stock itself, I'll be an interested buyer if sp'3100, which seems probable within the near term. 

I could understand if the more cautious would leave Corsair alone, and instead, favour the mid/large tech-hardware stocks, such as NVDA, AMD, or MU.

In any case, you can expect me to regularly highlight CRSR across the weeks and months ahead. It'll be interesting to see if this starts to capture some mainstream attention. 

Yours... bullish RGB (and that isn't a ticker)