Monday, 15 December 2014

F - rough day, but broader upside for 2015

With the main market opening higher, but swinging strongly lower, Ford (F), was hit pretty hard, losing the 50dma, settling -4.8% @ $14.27. Next support is the price cluster zone of $14.25/00. There is viable Q1 2015 upside to the upper 17s. Long term upside remain the mid 20s.

F, daily

F, monthly, 20yr


Ford is certainly not the most exciting of stocks. It doesn't attract any of the 'momo chasers', although that is probably a good thing, yes?

Unquestionably, Ford has a secure long term future, and in my view.. the only issue is when we see a monthly close in the 18s... not if.

Once 18s are hit.. Ford should see a straight move to 20... and eventually the mid 20s.. which is a natural price cluster zone that goes back to 2001.

*I have no position right now, but have eyes on the June 15 calls.