Monday 16 December 2013

F - aiming for the $18s

With the main market closing with some gains, it was not surprising to see Ford (F) higher, settling +1.6% @ $16.86. Ford looks set for a challenge of the late Oct' high of $17.92. If Ford can put in a few daily closes in the 18s...then the low 20s look a given in early 2014.

F, daily


Ford remains a soundly based company, and is one that is very reflective of the broader economy in many ways.

From a pure price perspective, once we see 2 or 3 daily closes in the 18s, it should be a good sign that both Ford, and the wider market, will see continued significant strength in the first half of 2014.

All time high: $32.83... April 1999.

Certainly, that doesn't look viable until 2015, but for the long term buyers...that would be a hugely impressive 80% higher than current levels!

As ever...Ford remains one to watch.