Monday 9 December 2013

TWTR - just who is buying?

Whilst the main market started the week with some moderate choppy upside, some of the most notable gains were seen in Twitter (TWTR), which settled +9.3% @ $49.14 The real question is, just what maniac is buying this loss making over-valued nonsense?

TWTR, daily


It remains very early days for this latest social media/momo stock. Unlike FB, which suffered from the opening day, TWTR is holding up very well in the $40s, and a year end close in the $50s now looks viable.

Considering the fact that it remains a loss making business, it is a wonder it has managed to hold the $40 threshold, never mind the looming break into the $50s.

It remains a crazy market..and the price action/valuation in TWTR is one of the finest current examples.