Wednesday, 27 September 2017

MU - soaring on superb earnings

Earnings for Micron Technology (MU) were unquestionably superb, and the stock settled the day +8.5% at $37.08 Near term outlook threatens some cooling, but more broadly, the break into the $37s offer grander upside to the 45/50 zone by late spring 2018.

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Most recent earnings:

I have been touting the 'bizarrely under-valued' Micron across this year, not least as earnings just keep getting better and better each quarter. With headline (adjusted) EPS of $2.02, and revenue of $6.14bn, the trend is really very good indeed.

Jon and Pete Najarian highlighting Sept' $33 calls

Indeed, those who were long via option calls, or the stock, are very pleased, as the stock has broadly climbed from the Aug'11th low of $26.85 to today's intra high of $37.15.

Is Micron the next Nvidia, which has climbed from $24 in Jan'2016 to $191 this month? Probably not, but its kinda hard to imagine the stock not pushing to at least $50 by next spring.. especially if sp'3000.

I'm certainly not the only one who is seeking MU to 45/50

see:  , and scroll down to see some of the institutional targets.

Micron is a reminder that not every stock in the US market is crazy priced like AMZN or NFLX. If you believe MU has grander upside into 2018, then it should give you clarity on the trend for the broader market.

Yours truly is HYPER bullish Micron Technology for the mid term.